Uncharted Amazon

Back in 2015 Declan Burley (camera and sound) made the feature length documentary Uncharted Amazon together with his friends Tristan Thompson (producer and camera) and Chris Butler (editor). They crowdfunded their film and filmed on location for six months in Peru’s Amazon rainforest. Voices for Nature were executive producers and Uncharted Amazon was short-listed for Wildscreen’s prestigious Panda Award in 2016. Uncharted Amazon has been globally distributed and been used for campaigning purposes to save endangered Amazon rainforest.

Declan is now producing three short films based on Uncharted Amazon for the participative theatre event Planet Parliament Now!  Film and audio files from the documentary will also be available as an event resource for University of Salford students and participants.

Early next year Declan will be on expedition again, filming in Nepal and hoping to capture snow leopards. Schedules allowing he will join us for Planet Parliament Now! on 20th March 2019.

Some of Declan’s photographs from his expedition to the Amazon feature on this website.


Declan’s Uncharted Amazon showreel and other photo images