Virtual Reality Rainforest – be inspired

Dr Umran Ali’s amazing virtual reality Amazon Rainforest will be premiered in the University of Salford’s immersive classroom.  Video-gaming technologies can be powerful tools for learning. They can help us connect with places far away and through building a sense of wonder can help us to learn to care for and protect our planet.

Dr Umran Ali’s fully immersive virtual rainforest is modelled on the real Amazon rainforest.  It is complete with a gentle breeze blowing through the tree’s and ferns. Gnats and insects inhabit the forest floor and the whole forest is visualised moving through a day and night cycle. The flora and fauna you see are actual species of plants and animals in the real Amazon, ranging from Bromeliads and Heliconia to species of tropical fungi. His virtual rainforest has been built using Crytek’s advanced games engine, Cryengine. It is a prototype for further development and research into the delivery of immersive environmental education.

If you can’t join us in Planet Parliament Now! on 20th March 2019, you can watch live (or download on video later). And take a look at the preview of Umran’s virtual reality Amazon Rainforest….

Dr Umran Ali is a Senior Lecturer at University of Salford  in Creative Media. He is a 3d video artist, lover of Nature and passionate believer in equality and justice. He also believes video gaming technology as creative learning tools can help educate others to protect our planet.

Podcast with Dr Umran Ali – Could computer games help us save the planet


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