Planet Parliament Now! is immersive, participative theatre, co-created and co-produced with and for students. We had an electric live performance  on 20th March 2019 with students from University of Salford, The Manchester College (Sheena Simon ), Connell Sixth Form, Marple Sixth Form and Xaverian College.

Livestreamed to University of Salford social media accounts,  there have been over 1300 views as of now just two days later. The performances given were powerful. Some had a day to prepare, others just a morning. It was a big achievement together.

You can still see the video of the performance on University of Salford Facebook,  You Tube and Twitter so check it out!

University of Salford conservation students, led by Laura Praill took to the stage for a powerful intervention. They  launched a new movement to plant a tree and rewild uni campuses. Young people are taking real action against climate change!

If you are a student at University of Salford, vote for Laura’s Big Idea.Only 150 votes are needed for the proposal to become policy.

If you are a student elsewhere then launch your own plant a tree campaign and tweet to @theplanetvotes know and we will help you spread the word!


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