The Cast

Meet our amazing lead roles –  all third year theatre students from the University of Salford. In addition to acting in this ambitious, participative theatre  (which is also being live-streamed) our cast have input variously into  script development and workshop design and all are working with students from The Manchester College (Sheena Simon) to prep their roles ahead of the big day.

Ellie Murphy in lead role as CARMEN, eco-warrior (also script development)


Jack Chapman as SPEAKER (co-producing role play workshops)


Cris Grixti as SURVIVALIST LEADER (also our theatre performance producer/director)
Tyler Dixon as eco-warrior BRAGA
Amelia Karimi as Xana tribal leader GOD-MOTHER, a force of Nature
Olivia Grixti, Actor, aged 7 as CHILD (she is daughter of Cris)
Wes McGillian as ROBERTO TRANI, Rich Amazonian

On the 20th March 2019  the cast will be running  the morning role play workshops and mentoring participants for the afternoon dress and live-streamed performance of Planet Parliament Now!

Planet Parliament Now! is all about audience engagement. We have a surprise ending even our cast!

Find our more about your role plays

Poor Amazonians

Rich Amazonians

Individual role plays

If you’re not part of the event itself of 20th March, you  watch live and join in:

Live-streaming 20th March 2019, 14.00- 15.00 on University of Salford facebook and University of Salford You Tube