Take Action

Planet Parliament Now! is a live streamed event with  students of University of Salford, schools, colleges and universities from Greater Manchester and beyond.

As the Amazon rainforest burns and Planet Parliament debates what to do, you can join our performers and have your say through social media. Whose side are you on? Do you think the Parliamentarians should even be making decisions about your future without us? Do your sympathies lie with the poor Amazonians? Do you feel you can’t make a difference? Or are you an eco-warrior like Carmen and Braga who infiltrate proceedings and expose corruption….?

Live-streaming 20th March 2019, 14.00- 15.00 on University of Salford facebook and University of Salford You Tube

THE BIG QUESTION  – is our performance just a piece of fiction or is it for real?

#stopclimatechange #stopextinctions #takeaction #becomeunstoppable

The script is written and the event co -produced by  Voices for Nature