Role plays


The setting of Planet Parliament Now! is slightly in the future. Planet Parliament is a supra-national, democratically elected body whose mandate is to protect planetary boundaries for Air, Water, Earth and safeguard the planet for all life. Its members come from different regions of the world. Two main political factions dominate Planet Parliament:

Survivalists – believe eco-disaster is inevitable (even desirable) and that only the fittest should survive. Natural selection will enable humans to adapt to new planetary conditions. Survivalists are rational and non-violent.

Liberationists – work towards a new equitable world order where humans live within the planet’s carrying capacity. They do not believe in private ownership of Nature nor in humanity’s right for dominance as a species. Liberationists are passionate idealists and non violent. They believe all people should pay to protect our global commons, especially those who can afford to do so.

The general public is fed up with political polarisation, demoralised by constant bad news, overwhelmed and passive in the face of global environmental crisis.

Activists try to engage and bring people (including Parliamentarians) together to act to save and protect our planet. They are non-violent.


Named roles are based on characters from the novel ‘Jabujicaba’. Roles in bold are played by University of Salford students.

Parliamentarian #1 –  Leader of Liberationist Party
Parliamentarian #2 –  Speaker, corrupt 
Parliamentarian #3 –  Leader of Survivalist Party
Other Survivalists
Other Liberationists

Scientist #1 – climate change expert
Scientist #2 – biodiversity expert
Scientist #3 – reforestation expert/botanist, Professor van Hooven

Amazonian #1 – indigenous person, the Godmother
Amazonian #2 – indigenous person, the Shaman
Amazonian #3 – indigenous person, Child
Amazonian #4 – labourer (for a mining company)
Amazonian #5 – subsistence farmer
Amazonian #6 – rich landowner (soya farming)
Amazonian #7 – business person (sustainable  forestry), Roberto Trani
Amazonian #8 – business person (pharmaceutical company)

Reporter #1 – reporter, global news channel, supports Survivalists
Reporter #2 – meteorologist/ weather reporter, supports Survivalists
Reporter #3 – eco-warrior vlogger Carmen 

Activist #1 – eco-warrior Braga
Other Activists – agitators

Person #1 – ‘nothing to do with me’ attitude
Person #2 – depressed and disempowered
Person #3 – a Nurse, kind and caring
Person #4 – wants but isn’t sure how to act to save the planet
General public

Police officer(s)
The Placard Bearer – marks the stalling of time
The Clapperboard Person – drives action
These roles may be slightly adjusted as production work continues.

More information will be published here on role plays as production work continues….