Rainforest Science Brief

The recordings below explore the dynamic relationship between the tropical rainforest and climate change (and ultimately how negative impacts link to our behaviours).

They were recorded by University of Salford students just after their return from the Tropical Ecology field trip to the Amazon rainforest in answer to questions by Andrew Highlands, MSC student.

Summary Rainforest Science Brief

credit: Dr Chiara Benvenuto


1 Why is the Amazon rainforest so important to the health of our planet?

2 What is biodiversity. Why does it matter?

3 What ecosystem-services does the Amazon rainforest provide mankind?

4 How does the Amazon forest make rain fall?

5 How/why is the threat of fire to the Amazon growing?

6 What would happen to our global climate if the Amazon rainforest burnt down?

7 What are global and local approaches to sustainable development?

8. What can we learn from climate change in the carboniferous period?

Running order of answers
First – Sevim Yildiz
Second – Ella Christie
Third – Kathryn Beeston
Fourth – Laura Praill
Fifth – Ellen Collins

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