Planet Parliament Now! is a day of participative theatre for students aged 16-18 from sixth forms and further education colleges in the Greater Manchester area (although applications from outside Greater Manchester are also welcome). Participants take part in role play as parliamentarians, scientists, journalist, filmmakers, Amazonians, eco-activists and general public.  The day’s event is produced by the University of Salford in collaboration with the green arts organisation Voices for Nature.

THE STORYLINE: Planet Parliament meets in emergency sitting as Brazil’s Amazon rainforest burns out of control and threatens global disaster. The Parliament hears first hand accounts from victims of the fires and interrogates environmental scientists  on impacts and global consequences of the disaster. Activists observing proceedings mount on the pressure. Journalists report live but spin their stories. One of the victims suffers a fatal collapse whilst giving evidence. Planet Parliament broadcasts an appeal to the world for drastic action.

Planet Parliament Now! takes place on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at The University of Salford, Manchester.  Chris Grixti, final year student at University of Salford, is  Producer/Director for our participative theatre.


Event details with an outline of performance roles and some  Q & A’s

Production briefs for Salford University students

Check out Salford tropical ecology students on their field trip to the Amazon rainforest :