Participant Q & A

1. What prior knowledge or skills are needed to participate in Planet Parliament Now!?

No specific prior knowledge or skills are needed except a ‘can do’ attitude. Our theatre students will teach you easy techniques for role play, help you develop and personalise your scripts and practise performance and public speaking techniques.  Depending on the needs of your role, you will also learn other skills including as camera and editing,  climate change and conservation science.

2.  What are the benefits of taking part?

For anyone thinking of studying at the University of Salford, this event showcases our  academic teaching and state of the art facilities and equipment. It is an opportunity to work creatively with our undergraduate students, have fun learning about real world environmental issues and develop useful team-working and communication skills.

3. What preparation is needed?

You don’t need to ‘learn’ anything in advance but you will get a lot more out of the event if you prepare by reading briefings and blogs which will be posted regularly from January 2019 on this website.  In terms of dress code or props, nothing is needed.

4. What will happen on the day?

9.30-10.00 informally mingle and check out science posters

10.00-10.30 introduction to event, role play assignment and ice breakers

10.30-12.00 role play workshops (four workshops which run simultaneously)

12.00-12.30 participants and organisers have lunch together

12.30-15.00 Planet Parliament Now! rehearsal and performance

5. What happens afterwards?

We will be filming the whole event and making a short documentary record for you. This will include films cut by participants as part of the performance and a virtual reality rainforest which will be projected in the workshop for Amazonians.

6. How to secure a place?

Bookings must be made by schools/FE colleges on eventbrite (link  coming soon). The deadline for applications is  end of February 2019. Places are limited to 30 and maximum is 5 per sixth form/FE college.

7. How to contact the organisers for more information?

At Salford University – Steve Webley,

At Voices for Nature – Sigrid Shreeve,

For student organisers our Planet Parliament Now Promo Presentation might come in useful