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Production of Planet Parliament Now! is now in full swing. Salford theatre students have been very busy. The script is in its final edit stages, leading roles are cast and rehearsals begin in March.  Our theatre is heavily influenced by Bertolt Brecht which is perfect for its environmental justice themes  and should make life easy for our set designers.

On the film front, assignments are being handed out next week to cut short films to be used in our workshops and the performance itself. They are powerful, shocking and emotional testimonies of the damage done by the wildfires to the precious Amazon but one is a weather forecast. Will the news be good or bad?

Our conservation students are back from their field trip to the Amazon rainforest. They had a fantastic time and will be working on science posters which will brief our event participants on environmental issues underpinning our performance.

More on the science of climate change, the Amazon  rainforest and biodiversity is coming soon. In the meantime, if you want a taster of the script here is how it opens:





A darkened room with motionless figures (PARLIAMENTARIANS and GENERAL PUBLIC) sitting in rows, three sides of a square. A FIERY LIGHT [from a film they are watching] flickers across their transfixed faces. Somebody is walking behind them unnoticed.



FILM#1: a raging hellfire devours Amazon rainforest.



The person walking around is CARMEN MACEDO.  She is filming the Parliamentarians (LIBERATIONISTS and SURVIVALISTS) who sit in opposing camps. The GENERAL PUBLIC sit in their own row.


(narrating in hushed, urgent voice) Here I am, inside Planet Parliament.  It is forbidden to film proceedings. “…” (disdainfully) Those are the Survivalists. An eco disaster is all they’ve been waiting for.  “…”  These are the Liberationists. They want to save the Amazon rainforest and liberate us all from the chains of capitalism.

Carmen looks at the film which concludes in burnt devastation and the image freezes with the words: HUMAN LIVES LOST: 1MILLION,  ACRES BURNT: 30 MILLION; PLANET PARLIAMENT – EMERGENCY DEBATE, MARCH 2025

CARMEN cont/d

We need action –  now!


The part of Carmen our feisty protagonist with be played by third year student Ellie Murphy who has also be working on the script and of course helping write her own part.


This week Sir David Attenborough warned UN climate change policy makers that our civilisation faces collapse and much of the natural world faces extinction unless we take drastic action now to stop dangerous climate change.  His speech ominously sets the stage for the University of Salford’s participative theatre event Planet Parliament Now!

The story: Planet Parliament meets in emergency sitting as Brazil’s Amazon rainforest burns out of control and threatens global disaster. The Parliament hears first hand accounts from victims of the fires and interrogates environmental scientists on impacts and global consequences of the disaster. Activists observing proceedings mount on the pressure. Journalists report live but spin their stories. One of the victims suffers a fatal collapse whilst giving evidence. Planet Parliament broadcasts an appeal to the world for drastic action.

Through taking part in our participative theatre you get your chance to learn about global environmental issues and science from the perspective of different stakeholders and have a say how to take action to stop disaster.

You will also have the unique opportunity to learn public speaking, theatre and film-making skills working with University of Salford students in the arts and sciences. If you attend a sixth form or further education college in the Greater Manchester area, are are aged 16-18 and want to participate you can sign up on Eventbrite. 

Check out more information for participants:

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About the University of Salford


Planet Parliament Now! is a participative theatre event  produced by the University of Salford and Voices for Nature. It takes place on Wednesday 20th March 2019.

We are currently recruiting student collaborators from Salford University. In December 2018 we will be recruiting participants from sixth forms and further education colleges in the Greater Manchester area.

More news and briefings will be published here over the coming weeks including role play briefs, storylines, scripts, Amazon rainforest science and facts and event information.