Live Streaming Resources

Planet Parliament Now! is testing how to engage positively with young people on global environmental issues though the arts and new creative media. We are  working with a selected number of schools to capture audience feedback to improve our engagement approach in future years.

To accompany our live-streamed event, resources will be made available to help educators stimulate debate on conservation, climate change and biodiversity with audience and to collect their feedback. This will be initially tailored to UK curriculum teaching (Key Stage 2 and ‘A’ level)

We are also particularly interested in research on environmental behaviour change and new media and will be exploring new research projects in these areas. We want to further develop our Virtual Reality Amazon Rainforest as an immersive educational tool.

Live-streaming 20th March 2019, 14.00- 15.00 on University of Salford facebook and University of Salford You Tube

Live streaming resources for educators will be made available on 20th March 2019